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Are they a criminal? Here's how to check in Pa. — For free.

About Us. For Media. Page Content. I asked her for his full name and some other key information so that I could run a background check on him. Well, unless you have an office at the Department of Homeland Security, there is no such tool. They just make the task a little easier. These details might be easier to come by in casual conversation than you think.

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For criminal checks, more and more states and municipalities are offering free public access to their records. In Pennsylvania, criminal cases from DUI to murder , summary offenses like carrying an open container of alcohol or peeing in public , and even moving violations are accessible for free! Outside of Pennsylvania, public access to criminal records varies.

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You may be able to pull the records up online, or you may have to physically go to a government office to find them. If you know that your subject used to live in another city, call the municipal or county court clerk or prothonotary there, who may or may not be happy to help you. These are public documents, after all.

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But be forewarned, these registries also allow you to do a geographic search, i. For instance, there are 52 registered sex offenders listed in the Northern Liberties zip code alone. How much did you pay for that condo again?

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Chester is the only county in the five-county area that makes you register and pay to do civil case searches lame via the Internet. Bucks , Philadelphia , Delaware and Montgomery counties all offer free online public searches and are relatively easy to use. Be on the lookout for judgments or liens. Financial information is a bit trickier to come by.