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VINs come in two flavors — in lengths of either 17 characters or 11 characters. While a VIN may seem like a meaningless string of numbers, there are a few keys to understanding the method behind the madness.

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This would be likely if a repair was self-paid, rather than having been run through insurance. Worse yet, the seller is not required by law to be honest about the condition of the vehicle. Whatever representations they make about the car can be false. Visit ASE.

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In the aftermath of any major hurricane or widespread flooding, you have to worry about flood cars entering the used car market. These actions remove any evidence that a vehicle was ever in a flood.

Why do you need a vehicle history report or a free Carfax report VIN check?

When running a free report, you will have to enter the VIN. You will also have to provide zip code, license plate number, and state where the vehicle is registered. After giving in all such details, you will get your copy of the free VHR in no time. Also, a detailed VHR will distinguish details into the sections like vehicle history summary, vehicle value calculator, title history, detailed history, and ownership history. A free report will have components of each section but not with in-depth details. Finding a free VIN check number before you buy a used vehicle is vital for a lot of reasons.

How to Shop for Used Cars Online

Some of the common ones include the following:. Accident history - Accident and insurance details are included clearly in the vehicle history report.

The report will list accidents that the car may be involved in. This is very crucial information to know about the vehicle that you intend to buy. Some major accidents may mean that the frame of the vehicle might be weak or need future repairs. Odometer Accuracy - An important reason behind the popularity of these reports is that they can reveal true mileage of the used car.

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  5. People who sell the used cars try to roll back odometer before going to the dealership to increase the value of the car. This can in turn cause problems later on as the car with better mileage will start needing more maintenance. Thus a free vehicle history report from the reliable dealer will show that the odometer reading is correct. The branded title simply means that the car was called as salvage, damaged by flood or junk. Each brand indicates that the car has undergone a lot of stress in the past or maybe a full rebuild. Gray Market Cars - A completely free VIN check from a dealership can also help the drivers to spot the gray market cars which may have made onto the lot accidentally.

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    The gray market vehicles are the foreign vehicles that are imported into a country secretly by an individual owner or a private organization. These cars are thus often hard to repair and maintain. It will also list all previous owners of the vehicle.

    This thus makes it possible to know where the car has spent the majority of its time and in what condition. Even the drivers will know whether the road salt in the colder area may have caused corrosion or not.

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    So, using the above-mentioned information and tips, we are certain that you can find a free vehicle history report without any hassle. Pin it. Get a free VIN check instantly Before buying any used vehicle, the potential buyers generally consider getting a free VIN check number to understand the background history of the vehicle.