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Tarrant County , Texas. Thus, Brown is not distinguishable on that basis. We conclude and hold that the correct statutory construction of section Appellants contend that this construction of section According to appellants, a purchaser should be required to search property records only in the county in which the purchased property is located.

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However, such a rule would place the burden on a recorder of a prior instrument conveying an interest in real property such as a deed of trust or oil and gas lease to continually check property records for evidence of subsequent subdivision by the owner and of recordings by subsequent purchasers. This would turn our recording system, which provides for a system of constructive notice to subsequent purchasers of prior recorded documents, on its head.

See Tex. Telles, S.

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Moreover, by enacting section Appellants contend that this interpretation of section Thus, our interpretation of section Moreover, our interpretation of the statute does not conflict with section Appellants contend that even if this court interprets section A visual depiction of the two tracts described in the Lease is attached to this opinion as an addendum.

The first tract is located in both Wise and Tarrant Counties and is shown in yellow. The western part of the second tract is located in both Wise and Tarrant Counties, but the eastern part is located solely within Tarrant County. Most of the Property is comprised of the eastern part of Tract II. According to appellants, because the eastern part of Tract II is located solely within Tarrant County, section See Hancock, 65 Tex.

Ashton Survey, Abstract 1 and Chas. Therefore, section Based on the foregoing, we conclude and hold that the trial court did not err by granting summary judgment for appellees. Because Aston Meadows's and Ivey's motions for summary judgment were based on the interpretation of the statute that we reject here, we also conclude and hold that the trial court did not err by denying those motions for summary judgment.

We overrule appellant's first through seventh issues.

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In their eighth and ninth issues, appellants contend that the trial court abused its discretion by 1 excluding an affidavit with attached exhibits from Gregory S. Iffland in response to Ivey's motion for summary judgment on the ground that Iffland had not been disclosed as a witness and 2 excluding parts of Ivey's affidavit. However, even if the trial court did abuse its discretion by excluding that evidence, the exclusion did not cause the rendition of an improper verdict because that evidence would not change the trial court's answer to the question of law resolved in the summary judgment for appellees.

Accordingly, we overrule appellants' eighth and ninth issues. Having overruled appellants' nine issues, we affirm the trial court's judgment. Because appellees' cross-issue is contingent on this court's granting relief to appellants, we need not address it.

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During this suit, the parties entered into a settlement agreement regarding the payment of past due royalties. Act approved April 1, , 20th Leg. Both of these sources cite cases dating to the s in support of this proposition. Tram Lumber Co. West, S.

Marion county texas deed records

Vandewater Constr. Although the references in the deed to Aston Meadows relate more properly to the issue of inquiry notice, we discuss them here to show that the court's decision, and interpretation of the statute, in Brown was based on the property's actual location rather than its description in the deed. See Westland Oil Dev. Ass'n, S. In general, rents go up with inflation, and you get to expense depreciation for the first If you have a mortgage, the interest is also deductible.

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  • So are property management expenses, the cost to call the plumber to go over in the middle of the night to fix the clogged toilet, and on and on. You even get to take a trip to go see your property once a year and write that off. Hello, vacation discount! Yet, for the novice, residential real estate can be a trap. My wife and I invest in real estate nowadays for cash flow. Any appreciation that we get in the future is simply gravy, but we want our investment to return a stream of income for as little of an investment as possible. In general, there are two types of tax sales — the tax lien sale and the tax deed sale.

    In order to attempt to recoup those lost taxes, they sell off the liens to others in exchange for payment of the back taxes. The buyer then either can collect interest on the liens, in a tax lien state, or they buy the deed and proceed to either foreclose or evict.

    Before I move on, let me address a concern that people might have about investing in these instruments — kicking out homeowners. I have two counterarguments to this. First, the homeowner knew that there was property tax on the house. Secondly, these activities provide tax revenues to the local authorities — tax revenues which go to maintenance, roads, schools, and the like.

    Furthermore, a huge majority of the tax liens were either on estates or on worthless land.

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    • Tarrant County, Texas;
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    • More on that later. Texas is what is described as a hybrid state. It sells a tax deed, meaning that once you make the purchase, you have the right to occupy the house, collect rents, etc. The right of redemption means that the person who originally owned the house has a certain period of time to pay the back taxes and penalties and can reclaim and reoccupy the house.

      The right of redemption is six months for non-homesteaded properties and two years for homesteaded properties. A homestead property, according to the property code of Texas , is:. There are some exceptions for rural dwellings, but the basic idea is that a house is a homestead and land and commercial property are not homesteads. This is not a pro rata penalty, either.

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      Additionally, you can claim fees and expenses to maintain the home, and the penalty is tacked onto those expenses as well. If there is an existing tenant in the house, then you must abide by the existing lease, if one exists. If it does not exist, then the lease is considered month-to-month and you must give proper notice.

      A Writ of Possession is required to legally remove the residents — see Section You can also rent out the property during the redemption period.