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If your document qualifies for the legalization by an apostille or foreign embassy, mail the original to us and we will take care of the legalization. What is a "certified copy" of the death certificate?

New York City Death Index

A certified copy is an official copy of the document issued by a vital records office and guaranteed to be a true and exact copy of the original document kept on file in this office. Upon request, the Vital Records office of the respective Department of Health will issue a certified copy of a vital record. In most cases, certified copies bear the Seal of the Department of Health, the signature of the state official e.

Your second option is to use a private online service called VitalCheck that is the only agent authorized by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to assist you with the retrieval of death certificates. Then, most likely, you will get a certified copy of the death certificate with a Letter of Exemplification. VitalCheck works OK, they also mail documents to foreign countries. What is a letter of exemplification? A Letter of exemplification is a page attached to a New York City death certificate.

It is hand-signed by a Deputy City Registrar and attests that the attached death certificate is a true copy of the actual record.

Exemplification letters can only be attached to the NYC death certificates at the time a certified copy is issued. You cannot request a Letter of exemplification separately.

Death Certificates - NYC Health

Is it true that I need an Exemplification letter in order to get a death certificate legalized by an apostille or by a foreign embassy? No, it is not true. Aso of now, a Letter of exemplification is not a must for the legalization purposes. If however, the death certificate came without a Letter of exemplification, do not despair! A different procedure will be used.

Thankfully, there is a court in New York that can authenticate the signature of the City Registrar present or former directly, without a Letter of exemplification. After that, the document will be apostilled or legalized by a foreign embassy according to the standard procedure.

How to Find New York City Death Records

A few consulates e. Please follow the consulate requirements. Where do I get a certified copy of a death certificate if the death occurred outside New York City? If the death was registered outside the five bouroughs of New York City, you have three options:. Request the expedited processing. Regular processing takes forever weeks.

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Option 2 : You can request a certified copy from the local registrar in the county where the death was registered. Please note that these death certificates have to be authenticated on the country level before they are legalized by an apostille.

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Option 3 : Use a private online service called VitalCheck www. All kinds of NY documents. Free document evaluation. No service fees.

New York Apostille. The easiest and fastest way to order a birth certificate is on line at our website External. These orders are processed within 24 hours.

For birth records issued prior to , please click here External. If you would like to mail an application to the NYC Health Department, please be aware that applications must be notarized and processing time is at least 30 days. The easiest and fastest way for family members to order a death certificates is online at our website External.

Death Records

For death records issued prior to , please click here External. An application to send for a death certificate is available at the website. Marriage records from to present can be obtained in person from any office of the New York City Clerk.