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Online, via mail order or catalog, in person, on a record fair or in a record store? Does the buyer get to see the exact item before buying, maybe even listen to the record? What market is the record sold on? Some items will achieve a much higher price in Europe than in the U. These are just a few of the points to consider, but they should make it obvious why we use value symbols and value ranges in this price guide. Another point would be that supply and demand, and with that value , isn't static.

It fluctuates, sometimes it can change dramatically within just a few months or one year. A good example would be Rock or Beat 7"-singles where demand has dropped significantly in recent years, whereas top quality Progressive Rock albums have risen in value more and more. Each value symbol in our price guide stands for a value range, and you probably shouldn't sell your item below the bottom of its value range while you should not pay more than the top end. Again, the value for extremely rare records in top condition can be much higher than what is listed in this guide , especially if that album hasn't been on the market in a good while.

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If several collectors see the offer as a maybe one-time chance to get their hands on a near perfect copy of a long wanted record they might drive the price up to new heights. But that doesn't mean the value of that record is equal to its last achieved price in an auction. Popsike and CollectorsFrenzy are very handy websites that take aggregated data directly from eBay with a complex and useful algorithm and compile results into a constantly updated searchable feed.

Popsike compiles price history from all of the vinyl sales on eBay, and updates the database every two days.

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Also, you can filter the results by date and reverse, so you see the most recent data first. Popsike is free to use, but they do limit searches for nonmembers. Special Records. Colored Vinyls. Gold Disc. Picture Disc. Other Special Records. Best magazine. Juke Box magazine.

Most valuable vinyl records UK 2017 – do you have one worth £3,000 in your collection?

Record Collector Issues. Special Issues. Monthly magazines. Platine magazine. Other Magazines. CD players. Music Sheets. Concert Tickets. Groovy Objects books, mags, t-shirts A guide on how to grade and estimate your vinyl records Original or Reissue?

Even if it seems obvious, let's say it again, ''original'' record means ''first issue''. Some particular vinyl records The value of your record might increase if you are lucky enough to possess. How to grade a vinyl record The value of your record is closely linked to its condition. Play grading: Listen to the sound of the record, the entire record! Visual grading: Put the record on a turntable to check that it is not warped, even slightly.

Some details to remember: Some collectors can have a higher interest in the cover than in the vinyl record itself, for instance if they want to replace the ancient cover of one of their records. Compare prices from different shops on CDandLP by using the link ''compare''. Take a look at other marketplaces specialized in records. Check on the site popsike. You will learn about the evolution of the record's value over time and it will give you an idea of the general interest for the record on the market.

Ask your local record dealers, they may give you good pieces of advice. How to clean your records and store them properly How to clean your records without damaging them! The carbon bristles will also help disperse any static charge that would cause dust particles to stick to your record. Always rub gently, clean evenly and never use your nails. If you have a lot of records to clean, cleaning kits are also available in record stores or from the internet.

Storing your records: Keep your vinyl records in a cool dry place. Avoid dusty attics and humid basements. Don't store them next to a fireplace, a radiator, a sunny window. Stack them vertically, not too tight and never lay them flat.

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The weight would make dirt become encrusted and records could warp over time. Manipulate your vinyl records with clean and dry hands, avoid touching the playing surface. Use both hands. Clean your records with a carbon fibre brush after play to remove all dust residues and put the records back in their covers straight away. Renew the inside sleeves from time to time, old ones are dusty and mould can appear. How to put a vinyl record for sale with CDandLP Now that you know how to identify, grade and evaluate the price of your records, you are ready to put your vinyl records for sale Use the ''sell'' button to list quickly and for FREE.

Find out our 10 tips to be a successful seller: The rarer, the better: list items unlikely to be displayed too often or list items with a better price-quality ratio. Take a look at [[1:buyers' wish lists]]. Choose the right price. We help you by suggesting a price and providing a price comparator.

Update your prices regularly. Resist the temptation to increase your prices. Make your shop appealing: introduce yourself and your passion, showcase your real treasures. Update your inventory on a regular basis especially if you sell on other platforms. Add new items as often as possible: we automatically inform your following customers. Give as much information as you can about your items: label, pressing, tracklisting Share with your buyers: answer their questions with courtesy.

Earn their loyalty. Offer them coupons. Regarding shipping: offer several shipping methods and be generous for shipping fees. Avoid mobile phones to take your pictures: resolution is too low ; details are important, they must be displayed. Use a camera and choose an average resolution.

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You will get photos of an excellent quality. Pack in a professional way: Because the seller is responsible for his item till the buyer receives it, make sure you pack your discs and musical items as carefully as you can. Support and Community Start to sell!